Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Doldrums


I need to take a break from reading RPG forums and blogs for a while, I think. The rampant negativity surrounding practically everything I read lately is just, like, bringing me down, man.

This isn't directed at anybody in particular. I get that the internet is the place people go to vent and express themselves, but dammit... I like RPGs, and I like talking about liking them, not hating them.

Ah, well. I guess I need to grow a thicker skin. Time to get back to playing RPGs instead of bitching about them.


  1. I'm with you on that. I've pretty much ceased writing for the moment about anything but my own setting and my own stuff and some game reviews, because those posts don't tend to spark fires. Last time I tried to do an article about anything but that it just became an edition argument about roleplaying and profession skills.

    It was a...mostly civil debate. In comparison to other things. But still, I wasn't looking for a debate, but it's like you can't say anything without sparking one. Usually long ones.

  2. I try to keep my blog to just my own setting and rules stuff, but every so often a negative rant boils up out of my uncontrollably. I think I'm getting better at keeping a lid on that, but as yesterday's post proved I'm still not always successful.

    I actually think reading forums is part of the problem, as it's impossible for me to read or without getting annoyed at something, and that sets me off. So I might follow suit and stop visiting forums too.

  3. I wouldn't sweat it, noisms. I actually agree with a lot of your rants, and often hang around on, but lately the amount of vitriol being hurled around with the announcement of Dark Sun, WFRP 3rd edition, and the release of Pathfinder is bugging me more than usual. This is my own problem, not anybody else's - I don't expect anybody to change their posting style for me.

  4. Totally feel you on this. I've given up forum browsing, for the most part. I tried to check out yesterday in fact, but fled screaming after just a couple threads. The negativity, the posturing, the contest to be the first person to respond to a valid point with a "witty" or blasé comment...

    To paraphrase the James M quote I have at the top of my blog, theory and "industry talk" is all well and good, but the focus should be on talking about playing the actual damn games.

    Ironically, that sometimes means I don't have a lot to post about. This month's been pretty sparse on my blog because, well, the campaigns I'm involved in have been just clicking along with not a lot to report or spark post-fodder. So it goes. I don't believe in generating content just so I have something to post about. A couple months ago, I was posting pretty much every other day. So it goes.

  5. It's Summer, and that's generally Silly Season over here in the UK. I can only presume that some of the overheated irritability and summer silliness has boiled over into the blogosphere recently. ;)

    Is serious, regular gameblogging a seasonal (autumn/winter) thing.

  6. Convention time brings this kind of thing out - lots of big announcements about new products and general rabble-rousing/hype. Those who aren't at conventions are either actively gaming or doing something else with the sunshine.

    Plus this is the Internet where snark and quip are the order of the day and staircase wit is allowed full rein. So, no surprises.

    Courage! You're allowed occasional off days.

  7. to invert the saying; "don't hate the game, hate the player(s)?"

  8. Don't Hate the Scum, Hate the Pond.

  9. I came to the internet looking for gaming fun and happiness. I have my own interests, so I know what I like and am looking for. I look at games all the time to see if they interest me; if they don't I ignore them.

    I have always wanted and needed certain things in gaming (adventure's and games designed in certain ways). I thought the gamer hobby would (with the internet and desktop publishing) be a wellspring of creativity that could fullfill those desires.

    I gave up. I started trying to make my own materials in my own clumsy, pathetic way.

    My interests have shriveled to where I look at any forum or any blog with a jaded "Is it a waste of my time?"

    Some 90% of the energy spent on the internet by the gaming hobby is mostly a bunch of illiterate, screeching monkeys crapping in their hands to throw it at each other.

    The sheer stupidity is abysmal. "My game is better than your game!" or "How I play is better than how you play!" discussions are the epitome of stupidity.

    Some forums are inhabited by people who don't know the rules of the game they are playing and will gladly help others "understand" them. And of course offer "sage advice" about other games they never played or tried to understand but certain "know" things about...

    My gut quakes in horror at some of the utter ignorance I keep seeing.

    I came to the internet to learn things (I'm not a genius) and what I've learned is mostly, "Figure it out yourself and use some common sense in doing so."

    Please: before posting any blog article or comment on a forum based on sensationalized nonsense, try to find something actually game related and truly meaningful to post about. It might seem more "boring", but compared to the "Hollywood whos'-dishing-out-the-dirt-on-who gossip" posts it'll stand out like a search light.

    I am no long interested in nor do I read the srhill screaming of children outraged by whatever petty things irritate them. Grow up, gamers, or stay off the internet!