Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I was flipping through my copy of UK2: The Sentinel the other day and found a post-it note (complete with workplace logo) stuck on the inside back cover.

I only dimly remember drawing this guy.

I always thought the drawing of the xvart in the Fiend Folio was kind of cruddy. Looks like I took it upon myself to reinterpret it.

He's got kind of a bat thing going on, which I guess works okay, and it looks like he's having a pretty good day. Not sure about that earring, though.

(For comparison, I've also posted the original Fiend Folio version. It's not the worst piece of art in the book, but up against the Russ Nicholson illustrations it definitely suffers... I don't know if mine's any better, mind you. You can see I did try to incorporate some of the more notable features, though.)


  1. I like the hairy ears. I always thought the original had hair like my grandpa: bald on top but a U-shaped fringe around the bare crown. Your interpretation is much more interesting.

  2. Thanks.

    I'm a wannabe zoologist. I was thinking the ear-hairs would help them detect movement, since they live in the dark. Or something.

  3. I always thought the heavy brow casting a shadow over the eyes made him look likehe was wearing a bank robber's mask.

    Feels like he should be holding a big bag with a dollar sign on it.