Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spoiling The Broth

I really need to learn to buy (and read) one RPG rulebook at a time. Having too many cool books laying around is wreaking havoc with my gamer ADD.

In addition to the 4e Wilderlands concepts I discussed yesterday, I've got a Thundarr-style post-apoc setup for Barbarians of Lemuria, the Elven Crystals adventure for Dragon Warriors, an A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying noble house a buddy of mine and I rolled up the other day, an urge to set a kitbashing of the D&D Rules Cyclopedia that I thought up years ago into motion, curiosity about the upcoming HackMaster Basic game and whether it would work for something I call "Frazetta Greyhawk", ideas for the actual 4e campaign I'm playing in, and a vague desire for some sort of Lords of Creation/Basic D&D mashup struggling for control over the battlefield of my brain.

And all the while, Freed Lands lurks in the shadows, biding its time...


  1. I forgot to mention all the cool Harn stuff I've been reading at random, too.

  2. Ah, a textbook case of Ludic Novomania.

    You know, I'm sure you could make a setting out this ongoing struggle for Blizack's brain ("A post-apocalyptic wasteland roamed by gangs of rival game systems warring over the ruins of what went before"). Sure, it's a bit meta...

  3. And I have a Thundarr/4th World/Eternals idea, A superhero satire with lots of love (like the Venture Bros) idea. A high fantasy east meets west (Eiria) two historical fictions, a 70's 'sploitation and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Modern campaign.

    Two powder kegs of unfulfilled storytelling sitting at the same table.


  4. k.bonifield: "Two powder kegs of unfulfilled storytelling sitting at the same table."

    Oh man, I was so, sooooo on board for the superhero satire thing. I still have a detailed Official Handbook-style writeup of Space-Man, the cosmic hero that can't breathe in space, sitting around here somewhere.

    I actually think most of your ideas would be more appealing to our current group than most of mine, but who knows.

  5. I got back on THAT kick when I was watching your Venture Bros and Tallulah came to me with two new superheroes that she made up...

    Booster Woman, who has a jet booster for a helmet and Man-Girl. Totally awesome.

    I mean, C'mon, Man-Girl! That's so rad!

  6. Okay, yeah, Man-Girl is fucking awesome.

  7. oh my god Kent, MAN-GIRL!? jeez that is absolutely priceless. i guess that's the kind of adorableness that comes out of the daughter of a total gamer nerd.

  8. Gamer Nerd?

    No, no, no. I'm a Gamer Geek!