Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sealed In The City

Sorry for the lean posts lately. I'm engrossed in reading A Distant Mirror, and it's a dense read that leaves little time for reading RPG books. It is, however, an excellent examination of the medieval world - in all its glory and nastiness - that is greatly intensifying my itch to run Dragon Warriors.

But hey, I've been picking up some pretty decent fantasy place names from lyrics lately. Thanks to my iPod, I've got:

  • The Tower of Pride
  • The Tower of Strength
  • The Temple of Lies
  • The Corridors of Desire
  • The City of Nine Gates
  • The Chasm Gaping

These all seem like they would fit on the Divine Right map pretty easily. Best of all, none of these come from the metal genre (that would be too easy) or songs having anything to do with fantasy themes.


  1. I like the simplicity of "The City of Nine Gates." Though, it may be because it makes me think of Ningauble of the Seven Eyes.

    How about:

    • The Dark Mood Woods
    • The Sphere of No-Form
    • The Doomed Fortress
    • The Tomb of the Forgotten Father
    • The Boulevard of Broken Arms
    • The Mountain of Needles
    • The Flat Fields & The Hollow Hills (perhaps a little too obvious)

  2. I just realized that I forgot about The Throne of Agony!

    The last couple you listed probably are too obvious, yeah, but the rest are solid. The Tomb of the Forgotten Father would make a great module title.

  3. I got some. Like-a-hear? Here-go!

    The Tower of Song
    Lotus Land
    Electric Ave
    Computer World
    and The Beach at Redpoint
    where you'll find The Wave of Mutilation

  4. "The Tomb of the Forgotten Father?" How about this alternative:

    "Tha Crib 'a tha Babby-Daddy Don' Nobody Know Nuthin' Bout."

  5. k.bonifield:

    Yes, Electric Avenue and Computer World would make GREAT place names for a fantasy setting.

  6. I was thinking as an adventure hook The City of Nine Gates needs eight gates. Where is the other gate? If you find it where does it lead? Then, "Transform and 'role' out!"

    A few more:

    • The Church of the Cold
    • The Azure Passage
    • The Velvet Realm
    • [The] White Cell
    • Fountain Filled with Blood / Mountain Filled with Blood (got both)
    • The Shining Road

  7. Divine Right! I loved that game so much...Thanks!

  8. crazyred: "Divine Right! I loved that game so much...Thanks!"

    Don't thank me, thank Jeff's Gameblog, where the image was originally posted.

    By the way, your blog is great!


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