Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Recruiting For Dragon Warriors

If anybody is interested, I'm recruiting for a play-by-post Dragon Warriors campaign. I have three players so far, and am looking for two more. You don't have to have the new book, but access to some version of the rules (old or new, print or electronic) is a good idea.

I'm not vastly experienced with PBP games, but have been having a good time playing in them recently and figured I'd give it a shot. This will also be my first time running Dragon Warriors. I'll be using published adventures, mostly, so if you've already read them (or played them) you might want to sit this one out.

It's still in the early stages, but I will be setting up a dedicated forum specifically for the campaign in the near future. Comment on this post (preferably with your email) if you're interested in giving it a shot and we'll talk.

Looks like I found my two players. Thanks!


  1. One suggestion, unless you've already got means to cover this, is a good online dice roller.


    I've seen a number of PbP games on the M&M forums use this site. Works very nicely IMO

  2. as i miss Casper Grimm, and playing RPGs, i'd be interested if you've got a spot. i'll have to familiarize myself with how this PBP system works though...

  3. noisms, catharsix: I'd love to have you both. Shoot me an email at:

    djblizack AT THE THING CALLED yahoo DOT com

    and I will get things set up.

  4. I'm kind of off participating in PBP games, but I'd love to follow along. Is the forum going to be open to the public for viewing?

  5. sirlarkins: At the moment it's closed, because as cheesy as this sounds, I don't want to have a publically accessible forum that gives away details of the published adventures. I may revisit that idea though.

    If you decide you do want to play, there's room for one more. I don't want any more than six players, though.

  6. How it works a PBP campaign? I never ran such a game and I would like to learn more, 'cause I'm interested in it... :D

  7. PBP works like an RPG usually does, but instead of sitting around a tabletop, you post on an online forum. There are a lot of examples of PBP campaigns at RPG.net, and it'd probably be simpler for me to give you a link to those than to try to explain:


    Hope this helps!