Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Folio Imbroglio

I think that a lot of the illustrations in the original Fiend Folio are begging for New Yorker-style captions.

"Have you heard the good news?"

Now, I love me some gorbel, but that picture's hardly the only one worthy of captioning. Anybody else want to try?


  1. "A little lower and to the right."

    Or, perhaps.

    "They just fired Bob!"

  2. Maybe you're the one who showed this to me but there is a site that catalogs a bunch of the New Yorker cartoons and replaces all the captions with, "God, You're an asshole!"

    And I'll be dammed if it doesn't work for every single one.

  3. It pretty much works for this one, too.

  4. "You can read it when I'm good and done!"


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