Thursday, April 29, 2010

Help Me Out Here

Tell me that I what I think is happening here isn't really happening:

Because it sure as hell looks like an elf is about to shoot a terrier point-blank in the face with an arrow. "Drop the hammer or the dog gets it!"


  1. Looks like someone didn't buy that issue of National Lampoon after all.

  2. Looks more like "Timmy, what's that? Trouble at the mill? Oh the pool-" with the arrow being held at the ready but to the side.

    Now why the elf's looking at the dog instead of being shocked at the pool as the rest of the party (dog included) I've no clue.

  3. It also looks like the sand-fire monster is totally focused on that dog too.

    One could argue that the dwarf and the Worthless Random Dude are about to circle around to bash the dog from behind, but the sand-fire monster distracted them.

    From this cover, I would surmise that the dog is the villain. Probably 5 or 6 HD based on the module level.

  4. Anymore questions like this blizak and the dog gets it!

  5. Doesn't look like the elf is looking at the dog to me. He's turning his head to look to his right at the thing that's come bursting out of the ground - his bow just happens to be pointed in the general direction of the dog as it happens.

    Of course, it IS a well-known fact that elves hate terriers, so who knows...

  6. The dog is obviously a powerful wizard that cast an illusion to disguise himself. By the look of the cover, he has just completed casting a spell to summon that fire elemental. The elf was totally going to nail him right in the face, but he rolled a '1' on his attack and thus was distracted by the elemental raging into the material plane right behind him.

    My guess is that "random worthless dude" in the back is the cleric seen in the divine spells section of the Mentzer red-box. (He has the same funny helm-like haircut.)

  7. It's actually the fire elemental's pet terrier. The elf's arrow trained on him is the only thing keeping the elemental from igniting the rest of the party.

  8. S'gotta be a Blink Dog. No other small yappy canine would so fill the hearts of practised dungeon-crawlers with fear and loathing.

    The elemental? He's just having a "Hai guys. What's going on here?" moment...

  9. You like WFRP 2E, right?

    It's the small, but vicious dog from the trappings of the Rat Catcher career.