Monday, May 30, 2011

Low Gaming

I'm suffering from low gaming.

I haven't played anything in months. Well, actually, I've played some video, board, and card games here and there, but no RPGs of any kind since I left New York in late January.

I've attempted to find a new gaming group here in Gainesville, but so far, haven't found anybody playing anything other than D&D 4E. I already know how I feel about that particular incarnation of the game. I've got no interest in playing it again.

It's tough to maintain anything like enthusiasm in a gaming drought like this one. I had intended to submit something for the random table contest I posted about not long ago, but ultimately I couldn't think up anything I felt was worthwhile. Likewise, the wiki I talked about starting up is, well, a non-starter.

Then to top it off, "Macho Man" Randy Savage died.

Ultimately, I have more important things to worry about right now. Finding a job is high on the list, as is concentrating on my graduate work. Still, I hope I can game again sometime soon.


  1. You and I are pretty much in the same boat. With a new baby keeping me busy as hell, I haven't been able to write, blog or game these past couple of months. I am also looking for work, and I am trying to get ready to start school in the fall. It is really hard to find inspiration when it feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, and not a game anywhere to be found... Move to Raleigh, NC and we can game and be unemployed together! :-) Oh, and it does suck that Savage passed.

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  3. Getting in touch with gamers in your vicinity might also help with networking for jobs:

    (these are all pretty far from you, but might be leads to contacts)

    (these are people on the 'waiting list' of the above site)

  4. I've had good luck setting up a Call of Cthulhu campaign through my local RPG Meetup group despite its heavy slant towards modern editions of D&D--turns out the 4e and Pathfinder players have been some of the most interested and enthusiastic participants thanks to the simplicity of the BRP system and the change of pace that CoC offers over conventional D&D.

    If you set up a campaign using an unusual or little-known game and advertise it, you might just get a few respondents from that 4e pool based on sheer curiosity and desire to try something different.

  5. Well, if it's any consolation, you should know we still talk about Farkas eating my elvin warhorse, and the Sword Princes of Chaos have become an underground cult in Glantri.

    Meanwhile, Pritchard is closing in on getting that all-important 3rd level offensive spell. Fireball would be easier to come by, but he's holding out for Lightning Bolt, for that moment when he can finally say, "I call forth the lightning--the Blood Lightning!"

    Good luck, man. With the job search especially, but with gaming as a strong number two on the list.

    -Dave (Pritchard Hood)

    [Sorry for the anonymity, Blogger won't let me sign in to comment!]

  6. Who's the asshole pretending to be naraoia?