Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You Have My ACKS

I've mentioned Adventurer Conqueror King on this blog before, but I probably did a bad job of describing it. I'll let Tavis Allison tell you what the deal is:

The way the Autarch crew has involved all of its supporters in helping to critique and shape the game is a smart move and will certainly result in a better game. There are already supplements in the works, both from Autarch themselves and from luminaries like Chris Kutalik of the excellent Hill Cantons blog.

I'm happy to be a backer of this project and can't wait to get my hands on the book. (It doesn't hurt that backing it at practically any level gets you cool goodies.)


  1. The bar for luminaries must have been seriously lowered if I am counted amongst its numbers, but thanks all the same haha.

    Looking forward to seeing where this all goes, so far a lot of promise.

  2. This looks and sounds great, and is past due in this hobby. I am loving the modern, high-quality visuals of the book and the fact that they bothered to take the selling of the eventual product seriously and handle it professionally. THIS is the way I have always hoped some publisher would start treating their Old School product. Sell it to ALL players, not just nostalgic grognards with fond memories of Erol Otus and light blue dungeon maps. I predict and hope for success with this effort. Looking forward to it.

  3. Indeed, what Anon said! Also - love the intro of the video <3

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