Friday, June 28, 2013

The Demon Verge Map

Here is the map I've created (using the free version of Hexographer) for my campaign inspired by Demonlord.

It's been stocked and keyed according to the guidelines laid out in Sine Nomine Publishing's An Echo, Resounding, a Labyrinth Lord-compatible resource that I've found extremely useful. It's a relatively simple take on the D&D "endgame" of domain management and warfare that tells GMs how to create a sandbox in easily digestible "baby steps", which is more my speed than Adventurer Conqueror King, an excellent game that packs in more economic detail than I will likely need, and which I honestly don't feel smart enough to run. After trying and failing to run a big megadungeon-based campaign, baby steps are what I need right now.

The western side of the map -- the now-weakened Duchy of D'Ansor, the Principality of Timur, and the Barony of Barthek -- is where the players will start the campaign, which is why there's a lot more detail there. (I'm calling this area "the Demon Verge", as it represents the far eastern reaches of human civilization, bordering on the Demons' empire.) If the players end up deciding to travel to the more hostile central regions, or even the Demon-ruled province of Nisshar, I will have to generate some lairs, ruins, and resources for those areas as well.


  1. This is great stuff! I'd forgotten about An Echo, Resounding; now I'll have to check that out again... :)

    1. Thanks! An Echo, Resounding is definitely worth a look.