Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where Credit Is Due

The Demon Verge campaign remains on hold for now, as I'm traveling this coming week. A couple of my players took the time to tell me they miss the game, which was touching, honestly. It's easy to forget how people get attached to a game they've been playing consistently for more than a few sessions. I guess I must be doing a decent job of DMing, which was sort of the point of the entire exercise: I want to learn to be a better game master.

I realized the other day that Scott Driver is the guy that got me to view the idea of playing old-style D&D as a legitimate possibility. Years ago, I read a post on raving about a campaign of his. I was able to talk my way into joining a short-lived play-by-post game he was running. I played a dumb, pimple-faced teenaged fighter who was always trying too hard to convince everybody around him that he was a badass. It was a blast, for lack of a better word, and taught me the reliability of a trick I'm still using: come up with one hook for your character and play the hell out of it. You can round them out later, if they survive that long.

In many ways, I'm just now beginning to understand how to balance having a rich, detailed setting and just having a good time with D&D, but Scott had it down. His work, even eternally unfinished as it seems to be, remains an inspiration, and I hope we see more of it. I miss the guy.


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