Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buckling Bookshelf

My 32nd birthday came and went a couple of weeks ago. I got a ton of loot, thanks to my lovely wife (and a few gift cards from other people), as follows:
  • A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, which is something of a dry read, but thus far seems to do a bang-up job of emulating George R. R. Martin's brutal, intrigue-ridden fantasy series. I am especially impressed with the game's focus on players sharing and running their own noble house. Shame about the errata, of which there are many.

  • Career Compendium for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 2nd Edition. I've only given this a quick glance-through, but it's definitely nice to have all the careers from all the books (plus a few new ones) together in one place. I do like the added notes on the different careers' places in the Old World. So far FFG seems to be doing a solid job with WFRP2.

  • Talisman Revised 4th Edition and The Reaper Expansion, also from FFG. I played a lot of the previous edition of Talisman, and was lucky enough to give the new version a try this past weekend. I'm happy to report it's easily as good as the old game, with some interesting tweaks, and is physically a much sturdier, more polished product than it was in the past. I intend to pick up the next expansion, The Dungeon. (Anybody want to buy my 3rd edition stuff?)

  • The Elven Crystals. This is another very good revision of old adventure material for Dragon Warriors, with clearer maps than Magnum Opus' previous adventure book, Sleeping Gods. The original adventure felt wackier and more high-magic than what the rules implied, but Adrian Bott did a great job of making it all feel a bit more logical and grounded.
I also have a ton of stuff on its way in the mail, all gotten on the cheap:
  • Arcane Power. I'm playing a wizard in D&D 4e and am looking foward to revamping him - I'm already leaning towards getting a tome implement and a familiar. (Do you care? No.)

  • AD&D 1st Edition Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide. I have owned the former in the past and wasn't that taken with it, but it came in a bundle with the latter, which I'm told I must own, so let's see what it's like.

  • D&D Basic Rulebook and Expert Rulebook. These are the Moldvay/Cook versions; another case of "let's see what the big deal is".

  • Lords of Creation. Another Moldvay-penned RPG. I've owned this one before, but sold it when I was hard up for cash. I'm looking foward to reacquainting myself with it, especially since I could hardly figure out what the heck it was about the first time I owned the boxed set.

  • Fantasy Wargaming: The Highest Level of All, an early-80s British fantasy RPG notorious for giving stats for Jehovah, Satan, Jesus, etc. It seems this was available from a book-of-the-month club at some point, which means used bookstores are overflowing with cheap copies. Still, it apparently does contain reference information about the medieval world and lots of folkloric monsters, and has been cited by more than a few as a useful resource for Dragon Warriors.

Good thing I just made some room on the bookshelves.


  1. Fantasy Wargaming is a guilty pleasure of mine. Enjoy it for what it is -- a relic from a very weird time -- and you'll get the most out of it.

  2. It does sound like an interesting historical artifact, if nothing else. I look forward to digging into it.

  3. 31st. birthday? I thought I was younger then you.

  4. You are. I forgot to add one for having a birthday.

    Getting old...

  5. Thanks for sharing blizack. I'll be picking up a copy of Fantasy Wargaming: The Highest Level of All from eBay, they seem to go for as low as $10.

    Thanks again,
    my Warhammer Fantasy blog

  6. "Getting old..."

    The phrasing you're looking for is: "Maturing like a fine Scotch. Gradually taking on ever-richer nuances of character sensible only to the discerning."

    You never owned a 1E DMG? I thought it was a legal requirement of gamerdom or something...

  7. "You never owned a 1E DMG? I thought it was a legal requirement of gamerdom or something..."

    I played a bit of AD&D as a kid in the 80s, but actually "got into" RPGs in the early 90s. It was out of print by then.

    If you're wondering why I just got one now, I was waiting to find an orange spine one in good shape for less than $10. (I am a heretic who does not like the original AD&D rulebook covers.)

  8. but what of the fabulous and bizarre Japanese monster figurine now decorating that bookshelf, standing beside these great tomes?

  9. "but what of the fabulous and bizarre Japanese monster figurine now decorating that bookshelf, standing beside these great tomes?"

    He's actually on my nightstand.

  10. It strikes me yet again I'm the only one of the Thool guys who's not married!

  11. I didn't even get into D&D until 3E but I did cut my teeth on Palladium Fantasy RPG and Rifts. Do I still get to keep my gamer cred?