Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shadow Of The Screen

I've got a problem. I haven't run anything in almost a year, and I miss it.

When D&D 4th edition came out last year, I was excited as hell, and appointed myself the DM for the first module, Keep on the Shadowfell. I think I did a mediocre job running it, but everybody seemed to have a good time learning the new rules. I liked the game, yet felt like I wasn't really challenging the players - though a lot of that was probably just part of dealing with a fairly bland module and a new ruleset.

At any rate, I decided I'd probably have more fun as a player than as a DM, and handed off the reins to a more interested member of the group. (Since then, the guy who took over has handed it over to yet another member of the group. Both of them did a great job.) I am still having a lot of fun playing D&D, but the urge to run a game has only gotten stronger as time goes on.

My problem is that almost every time I start running something, I quickly get burnt out. I feel like I'm not doing my best at every session. Basically, I think I'm a pretty clumsy DM/GM/Referee/what have you, even though I've been gaming since I was but a wee tyke. But I love RPGs and want to get better at running them and writing for them... and I can't do that if I'm just playing them.

(Another problem is that I feel like I'm unprepared if I'm not using some sort of published adventure, yet I am almost always dissatisfied with my game when I do - even if I really liked the module when I read it. Obviously, that's something I need to figure out for myself.)

My current gaming group is cool as hell. I have absolutely no desire to scrap my participation in our exciting 4th edition D&D campaign in favor of my trying my hand at running something and very possibly having it not work out. Gaming twice a week with the same group is unlikely at best, especially given my shaky GMing track record, and I don't want to suggest alternating games week to week. So what I'm left with is starting a second group playing a game of my choice, with as many of the same people as are interested and able, and finding someplace to do it.

I guess this is where I figure out what to run, make a cheesy flyer, and post it at the local comic shop?

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