Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gamma Gamma Hey

I've seen a good deal of buzz around Wizards of the Coast's upcoming D&D "red box", which apparently attempts to simplify 4e for new players and will follow a release strategy similar to that used by TSR with the Mentzer-penned version of basic D&D.

This October, Wizards of the Coast is releasing a "D&D Genre Setting" boxed set for Gamma World, using the 4e system. Oh, and there will be booster packs of randomized Mutation and Tech cards.

Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin!

But hey, it's nice to see the boxed set making its long-delayed comeback, right? And between these boxed sets and the impending release of Dark Sun, it sure looks like WotC is trying hard to win over fans of the TSR era.

(Honestly, I'm not sure what to make of this announcement. On the one hand, if you were ever going to make a game with randomized player abilities on cards, Gamma World would be the one with which to do it. I will admit it appeals to my love of randomness. On the other hand, I have never been a fan of "booster packs". I also wonder how, and if, this card-based character generation would integrate with the D&D Insider online tools.)


  1. This year has the release of the Essentials series (new players) and Dark Sun/Gamma World (old players). My speculation is next year will see new setting/world of Nentir Vale and Spelljammer.

  2. Speaking of old players/new players, somebody mentioned that they think the Essentials series is aimed at old school players, not because they think old schoolers will play it, but because they might buy it for their friends (or kids). Interesting idea.

    I have lost a lot of interest in 4e lately (because I feel combat takes too friggin' long) but I have hung onto my core books and am interested in taking a look at Dark Sun and Gamma World when they're out.

  3. I'll refrain from any comments regarding GW.

    Thanks for subscribing. :)

  4. I'm hoping for a full integration between GW and the standard DDI tools. One that makes ownership of the "booster packs" irrelevant.

    If not, I'll wait a while and purchase a complete set on eBay to avoid the hassle.

  5. A couple of Red Boxers (I think I just made that up) have hugely fond memories of Gamma World back in the day. Not sure how many others share the dream, but there at least is some incipient interest in a mini-campaign. Something to think about, if you like us enough to stay.