Friday, February 19, 2010

I Have a Dream

Goblinoid Games' Labyrinth Lord is a retro-clone of "basic" Dungeons & Dragons.

Goblinoid Games' Mutant Future is a Gamma World-inspired RPG that is fully compatible with Labyrinth Lord.

Mutant Future has stats for laser guns.

You realize what this means, don't you?

Brothers and sisters, at long last, the age-old dream can be realized.


  1. We tried this when I was 11 but the game never took off. I still think it is an awesome idea though. I'll expect a PBP invite soon.

  2. We're introducing my friend's 7 year old son to D&D soon. We've actually decided to use Basic D&D with some rules taken from Mutant Future so he can play in a world like He-Man and other cartoons his parents bought him on DVD.

  3. Rev. Lazaro: that sounds really cool. I hope it goes well!

  4. So, you want "Ice Pirates the Role Playing Game?"

  5. Funny, I was just looking into this the other day. I've been thinking about cranking up the sci-fi elements in my D&D games lately, particularly after seeing Frank Frazetta's Battlestar Galactica concept art.

  6. blizack, might I suggest checking my blog for your Thundarr needs? (Thundarr Thursdays: where I convert a Thundarr-related creature, item, PC race, adventure, etc. for use in Mutant Future/Labyrinth Lord)

    There's also a compiled sourcebook you can download from the site.

  7. @sirlarkins: Ah, yes, that's the stuff.

    @Sniderman: Looks great. Thanks for the link.

  8. @Sniderman good stuff, I played Under A Broken Moon for years in early 00's

    Spectrum Games (though I'm pretty sure another comapny, Z Games owns the material now)has a ton of Cartoon based RPG material if you can find it, their CAH (Cartoon Action Hour) RPG was pretty cool, they launched a very limited amount of 124 page supplement books to go along with it. I have Thundarr the Barbarian, ThunderCats, & He-Man. The books are all easily adapted to any FRP and just plain fun to read.