Friday, January 24, 2014

d10 Rifts Danger Zones

Nobody that goes there ever comes back. How come?

01 Breeding ground/hatchery for monsters (pick a type - dragons are always a good idea). Adults will likely destroy anything that happens upon the locale.

02 Rift-lost Robotech Expeditionary Force Ikazuchi-class Cruiser starship, badly damaged by a failed space launch attempt. This was a special one that has a working Robotech Factory built in (capable of manufacturing mecha). Commander is spooked and is likely to attack anything unfamiliar.

03 A plague of faeries harass, wreck, and ruin anything that enters their territory. Nymph in faerie mound driven mad by pollutants or bad ley line juju.

04 Village with extremely high mutoid population due to designer gene facility's vats rupturing into fresh water supply during apocalypse. Villagers are even stranger looking than typical mutants, and most are (roll d6): 1-5 psionic, 6 superpowered (see Heroes Unlimited).

05 Gateway to Hell.

06 Splugorth slave-barge way station. Heavily guarded mobile base. Slavers drop off captured humans, D-Bees, and monsters here to be collected for the trip back to Atlantis and eventual sale.

07 Permanent rift hidden underground, with a "tumor" of the planet Wormwood extruding into it. Patches of fleshy, cancerous earth at the surface. Monitored by agents of the Unholy.

08 Evil wizard tower. No lasers, no robots, no cyborgs, just a straight up evil wizard tower.

09 Old mine/sewer/subway/cave system infested with hive-based monsters that capture, store, and eventually kill any living thing they can find. (Xiticix, Invid, maxpary, or good old Aliens would work.)

10 Ley line nexus point. (Tune in next week for d10 Rifts Ley Line Nexus Points.)


  1. I love this. Thank you so much for putting it out there.

  2. I think I need you to start writing up random Encounter Tables for my game.

    1. I've got a table for Ley Line Nexus Points lined up for next week, and another one after that. Does that count?