Friday, January 31, 2014

d10 Rifts Ley Line Nexus Points

Most avoid the places where ley lines cross, for they are a lure to those that practice black arts. What might you stumble across at one of these nexus points, you ask?

01 Shifters in the process of summoning a demonic entity. They haven't managed to open the rift quite yet, and resent any interruptions to their ritual.

02 Due to ley line interference, a squad of Coalition troops has gotten cut off from communications and become hopelessly lost. They've lost a lot of men and supplies, and are essentially looking to commit suicide by demon/monster/wizard/what have you. Intend to launch an attack on the first non-"normal" thing they see.

03 A malign, invisible supernatural presence (possibly a possessing entity) lurks at this nexus, waiting to dominate and inhabit a worthy host.

04 This nexus point is marked with an ancient burial mound, standing stones, toadstool ring, stele of extradimensional origin, or similar. 50% chance of faeries, which likely means trouble for anyone that comes here.

05 Gateway to Hell.*

06 A cadre of Techno-Wizards has set up a station for charging their contraptions. They're willing to recharge TW items or sell Potential Psychic Energy batteries to those who can pay.

07 This nexus point is the hunting ground of a particularly feral pack of wild Psi-Stalkers. They are starving, and will attempt to ambush and drain any psychics or practitioners of magic.

08 A circle of Mystics and new recruits in the midst of hippie-ish initiation rites. May react with hostility, or invite visitors to share herbal substances and talk philosophy for several hours.

09 A cabal of evil mages (possibly from the Federation of Magic, depending on your location) is preparing a rite of human sacrifice. See, this is the kind of crap that gives practitioners of magic a bad name.

10 Active (open) rift. (Tune in next week for d10 Rifts Active Rifts.)

*"You did that last week," you say? Fine. Nothing bad going on at this nexus point. Yet.


  1. No, I think there should be a Gateway to Hell on every random table you make. Even stuff like "What's for sale on the black market today?"

    (Also, the link for #9, she is broken.)

    1. Yeah, that was kind of the plan. I've edited the post a little.
      Also fixed the bad link. Thanks!