Monday, March 16, 2009

Battle-Matic Update

Okay, so the goofy setting idea I vomited forth a week or two ago has taken root in my brain, and refuses to go away. So, I tracked down a copy of AC1: The Shady Dragon Inn on Ebay the other day and bought it.

That's the D&D supplement that has the game stats for the action figure characters in it. It's written for the Mentzer version of the basic game, the one with the nice colorful boxes and the Larry Elmore cover artwork. (RPG geekdom calls it "BECMI D&D", after the titles of the boxes: Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, Immortal.) I do have a lot of affection for those rules, but I think I might use the 4th edition framework for it.

Yeah, I think I'm really doing this.


  1. Cf. module XL1 Quest for the Heartstone, which includes the figure guys as pre-gens. It's a pretty crummy module though, since its only reason for being is to try and convince D&D players to by the toys.

    I was especially amused to see the illustration section was stapled into the center of the module with a note: "pry open staples to remove illustrations!" I thought that kind of thing was just an invention of S John Ross's for Encounter Critical.

  2. Yeah, I might, MIGHT, get XL1 too. Everybody says the module itself is pretty crap, though. I guess it could give me some ideas... if I find it cheap, I'll probably grab it.

    I just hope the illustrations in Shady Dragon Inn aren't hidden away, too.

  3. "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" for D&D?

  4. Sure, if the League had died centuries ago and now people were fighting over their remains.