Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gloom Of Legend

I've gushed about Dragon Warriors before, but I don't believe I sufficiently emphasized the quality and power of Dave Morris' prose. Here's an excerpt from the rulebook's description of the land of Molasaria:

"Frightened peasants quake under the rule of a hundred local despots. Terror soars aloft on membraneous wings by night and sifts the carrion in lonely churchyards... Black-clad priests trek from valley to valley, but the peasants are always torn between faith and fear. Spend a few days in any of the mountain villages and you will see a funeral procession wending a path down through the narrow streets - old men whose lined faces show the scars of many losses, grim youths with jaws set in sullen defiance, veiled women sending up a shrieking lament, and wailing children who have yet to learn the injustice into which they have been born."

This is the sort of thing I'm talking about.

I love Dragon Warriors.


  1. I'd like to mention that i really like John Hodgson's art as well. I'm always pleasant to see a digital painter whose work has such a painterly nuance. His tone reminds me a little of the great Stephen Fabian.

  2. Agreed. Hodgson is easily one of my favorite artists in the RPG field at the moment.

  3. British. Medieval. Predates Warhammer.

    But yeah, there is a similarity in tone, I guess, in this passage. That's cool, I like both WFRP and DW.